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Fair Trade Travels: Summer 2013 by Carol Ocampo, Trini Roxas, Trixi Ruiz, and Claudia Yupangco

This summer is the perfect time to take your part in helping the Philippine economy! Even though we may be young, we can make a huge difference by spending our summer vacations doing something beneficial to the country. Don’t they always say “Youth is not an excuse to do nothing?” 

Here are the top 5 things you can do to promote free trade and sustainable development: 

  1. Join an APFTI People to People Tour
  • A People to People Tour is a 15-day experience wherein you get to go sightseeing around Luzon, and at the same time, you get to experience free trade firsthand by seeing free trade businesses in action. To join a People to People tour e-mail fairtrade@apfti.org.ph for more details. 
  • When you go on the tour, you promote free trade by being able to experience free trade firsthand and by buying and making use of free trade products. The money you pay for the tour also goes towards developing free trade in the country.
  • When you go on the tour, you promote sustainable development because the tour is very eco-friendly and makes us of transportation methods that are eco-friendly. You are also able to appreciate the beauty of nature during the tour.
  • Since you’ll be going to different places that would require having to pay the local tourism industries such as the Quezon National Park or Intramuros, the different activities would require you to pay a certain amount which also covers taxes. These taxes will help raise funds for the government which will help local industries earn and offer more jobs to the people. The money can also help improve our tourism industries as well and help make your trip more memorable and fun!

2.    Use and Promote Human Nature Products at the Beach

  • Summer’s just around the corner, and what better way to spend it than to go to the beach with your family, or friends. Alongside the heat coming from the scorching sun, you’ll eventually need something to protect your skin from dryness, and mosquito bites as well. That is why using Human Nature products is the best option to do just that. By using Human Nature products which are affordable, convenient, and portable, not only are you taking care of your own skin, but also, you are also supporting the company’s core principles of being Pro-Philippines, pro-poor, and pro-environment. 
  • The best way to be a fair trade traveller is to support and promote local products. Buying and supporting local products will help make our local businesses successful which will help bring about progress in the economy, which will lead to the country’s development.
  • When Human Nature was born in 2008, they envisioned it to flourish as one of the country’s leading social enterprises. This meant their primary goal would be to use business to build a better Filipino society, especially for the poor, by operating a sustainable business that primarily benefited our country. The company has three core principles; to be Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor and Pro-Environment. All Human Nature products are manufactured in the Philippines and are made from raw materials found in the country. Even if raw materials are cheaper abroad, Human Nature still wants to use raw materials from the country so that they could show their own support. They aim to help raise our country from poverty - by sourcing locally at fair trade prices, producing world-class finished goods and exporting them around the world. 
  • Since Human Nature is a local business, with people buying and supporting their products, the government’s economic policy of taxation is actually being taken into great consideration. People are actually taking part in paying for the taxes that are imposed on these products. By doing so, the government will continue to have funds for their spending on projects, and other activities which will benefit the country.  

3.   Do an Internship at GKonomics or at GK Enchanted Farm

  • GKonomics and GK Enchanted Farm are both looking for young, bright interns this summer. They are both businesses that aim to help social enterprises. They also promote free trade. They both empower the poor by helping them create enterprises that practice free trade.
  • They promote sustainable development by making use of products that that are organic and natural. These products are produced and packaged in environment friendly ways.
  • Interning at GKonomics or GK Enchanted Farm will support the government policies that are anti-poverty and anti-unemployment. Since GK’s vision is to empower the poor by helping them create sustainable businesses and enterprises, they are slowly eradicating poverty and unemployment one community at a time.

  4.    Use Free Trade Ingredients to start your own Baking Business

  • After you’ve seen what free trade businesses are like, you can start your own! Look for stores online that sell free trade ingredients, look up the recipes on the AFPTI website, cook or bake these recipes, then sell your products! Make sure you price you product fairly and when you sell your products, inform people that they are fair trade.
  • You are promoting fair trade by letting other people experience the wonders of fair trade, and you are also spreading awareness. You have also started you own fair trade mini-enterprise!
  •  You can promote sustainable development by making your product using methods that are eco-friendly and by using eco-friendly packaging.
  • When you prepare the different products for your baking business, you can help support the economic policies of the government by buying and using local ingredients to help create your different products. Buying ingredients found in the country will help make the different businesses earn profit which will help our economy rise up which will eventually lead to productivity and progress. 

5.   Set up a Bazaar/Seminar/Conference in your Community to promote free trade

  • Contact fair trade organizations like APFTI to assist you in creating a bazaar/seminar/conference in your community. It can be a film showing, a bazaar with different booths of fair trade businesses, or a seminar where people can ask questions and get information on fair trade. 
  • You are literally promoting free trade by spreading awareness and helping others learn about free trade and its benefits. You are also promoting sustainable development by teaching others about fair trade, and helping the environment.
  • Setting up seminars/talks/ bazaars in different barangays will help bring awareness about Fair trade by informing people about it. When the people are informed, they will know how to support fair trade and also promote it any way they can. If there’s a great amount of participation among the people, we’ll get to help bring development and progress to our country.




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